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Travel pic challenge



I love to take pics & post them but am not the one who loves to do those daily challenges.
I think there are too many, at least on Facebook.
Black ´ n  white, your every day life for 7 days, pic a day with no words..
When I post a pic I like to tell something about that not just post it cos I have to.
Dont get me wrong, I like to see others pics.
That is how I found this one am doing right now.
This sounded fun and not too serious to do, so I challenged myself 😀

So you should choose 10 pics and post those under the given headline, you may add some words if you want to. Sounds simple right??
Well, nope- if you happen to be like me, having billion pics to choose from and not even being able to choose pics to Instagram.. That is problem number one.
Problem number two: I did this first in finnish, thought it would be quickest and easiest post ever.. hah!
I dont know why, how & what the heck- but I happen to have extra space between my pics and pic-explanation.
I tried to re-post it, put words first & then pic, then vice versa and then I asked Jani´s help but there were nothing to do, so this easy, fun challenge turned to be a challenge-in so many words..

Anyway, here we go ?


Lake Balaton.
This is also first real holiday-day, best view (that Lake), best company & one of the best ciders!!
What more could you wish more?! 😉

We meant to stay only a day or two in Maribor, but we ”got stuck” there for almost a week cos Sunday and then a national holiday.
Not only we got our car fixed, also got that perfect moment: ”right here,right now”, no stress, no rush, just us. The surrounding was perfect & so was the company 😉
Pic is from Piramida- the Wine Hill.
They serve excellent red & white wine there.
PS Havent really been any wine person in past years, so this pic/memory making it to ”perfect moment” is a huge thing..


Didnt know why at the moment, but since there were so many people every time taking a pic, waiting for the pic- I had to go as well..
Touching the front hooves is said to make wishes come true.
This pic is from Riga, Latvia & Town Musicians of Bremen.
At the beginning it was a sad story, mistreated by their masters those animals (donkey,cat,dog and rooster) leave their homes & decide to go to Bremen, to live without owners and become musicians.
PS The sculpture is a gift from city of Bremen to Riga. They are twin cities, if you wonder..

Almost everyone has posted at least one pic from airplane.
That´s what I love to do as well, when I fly..
Today I have seen so many ”plane window” pics so I thought this one goes great here 🙂
If you look closer you can see that odd gyre above the wing.
We are just about to land to Belgrade´s  (my home-away-from-home) Nikola Tesla-airport.


What a hike but oh boy what a view as well!! Old fortress and Lake Balaton..
Our place is somewhere there.. Balaton/”Szigligötötötö”, Hungary.

Sun was just about to go down, when we came from Nebojsa Tower and I had to catch it!
So yes, that black figure is me – having fun with the sun 🙂


Found it first so difficult since I dont really do those anymore.. but I forgot St Petersburg!
Love it!!
First time it was super hot and almost gave up and went back to the boat, but luckily we didnt since there happened to be Harley Days- so of course we had to go and check it!!

Am always ready to go back there and so we did- wuhuu!!
Love to watch ice hockey and what is better place to watch it than St Petersburg?!
SKA-Jokerit was great and we also celebrated my brothers 18th birthday!


With this you keep going few more hours.
This Big Berry´s double-icecoffee goes also under perfect moments but also ”party in my mouth”..
Just saying! Kiev, Ukraine is the address for these yummies.

Getting up…
If hotel´s would serve their breakfast till 12, that would be perfect- just that we dont need to get up too early on our holiday.
We try to book some kind of apartment or a hotel room with a fridge if we stay lil longer, so we can sleep as long as we want to..
Maribor, Slovenia.


Perfect moments as well.. Cant just pick one.
Serbia & Russia <3


Yes please!
These again could be part of my perfect moments ?
I miss the places for sure but their food as well!!
I try to eat low-carb back home (cos I´d be that 100kg fatty again if not) so when I travel I let me to eat pretty much everything I want ?
So here is best pizza in Serbia and so far on my Top 3 in the world..
They also serve one of the best pastas…

And Sushi! Cant say no to sushi!!
When we go to Latvia we eat it on breakfast, lunch, meals, snacks, snack before the hockey game and snack after the bar ?


First place that comes to my mind is Paris. I know, I know most of you reading this are gasping for air now.
I was travelling with my uncle and we had stopover, spent a day and night there 2008.
It´s beautiful for sure but I think Paris is kind of overrated. I think one time was enough, I love to travel but I rather travel somewhere else..
Those Paris´s pics are somewhere so no show now 😛
Then Ostrava came up, went there last year, no thx! After our visit there I saw an artcile from a car magazine & they were telling great things about the city and we were like ”where they really there”…

But I think I found the winner.
Allas Sea Pool- in Helsinki. That is one ugly building.. goosh!! What a waste of money. Just saying.
Sorry I dont have a pic just drove by so use Google if you arent in Hki to see that..



We went up to Pohorje (Slovenia)- just look at the view!!
Pic is from our cable car.
This moment / pic fits here cos Jani is afraid of heights but still he did this!! ?

Smoke effect time- dont remember how many shots we took but that was fun though.
And the restaurant was full but I dont think we are the only ones trying to get a great shot 😀
Pic is from our place in Serbia.

Hard to choose – surprise, surprise…

Who said you cant do a road trip with Sportster & take everything you need to with plus us two!
Well, there you see also the reason why we dont do those that often and why we have been only touring in Finland, Sweden and Estonia…

Road to hell..
We had to take detour. Sun was about to go down and we ended up driving through some gypsy-village and the mountain..
I dont remember when was las time I´ve been so scared, those guys just tried to throw some things so we would stop and more&more people are getting to the street with barking dogs.
Jani just told me to hold on, drove up and we made to Kosice.
Since that we´ve been travelling, but havent been back to Tatra..

That ´s it!
I think this was also my first time ever I completed any pic challenge!!
Wow, cheers to that then?
If you have any similar one you can try to challenge me, I might take it 😛
If you wanna do this, please!


1. Perfect moment
2. That typical tourist pic
3. So far away
4. In the big City
5. Zzz – getting tired
6. Sunset
7. Party in my mind
8. Place that was dissapointment
9.  Anything for perfect shot
10. Road Tripping

And as I said picking up the pics was so hard!!
I didnt want put 3 pics so I made little extra version, cos I feel these pics deserve to be part of this
as well 😀

Hungary- really surprised us and quickly became our fave place.
Jani, Balaton, first night, ice cold drinks (Strongbow&Dreher) & cigar = perfecto!!
Cant wait to get back there!!

Sunset & Perfect moment..

Local bakeries or just choosing a cake at the Cafe = must things!
These are also perfect moments – surprise…

Dress to impress – ahhahhahahha me in Zagreb ?

Car-selfie & what a surprise, a perfect moment = us leaving Finland 🙂



Matkakuva-haaste (noin) 10 kuvaa



Mä oon hirveen huono lähtemään mukaan haasteisiin, niitä kun tuppaa joka luukusta sisään (ainakin facebookin puolella).
Millon on arkikuva-haastetta, millon musta-valko, millon mikäkin.
Mä tykkään postaa kuvia ja lisäillä höpö-höpö tai asia tekstiä mutta semmosta pakkoa (postaa joka päivä sen ja sen päivän ajan/tee niin ja näin) en oikeen jaksa..
Mutta sitten oon bongannut tämän 10 matkakuvaa-haasteen monessa blogissa ja
tää kuulosti sen verran hauskalle että päätin tarttua haasteeseen (haastamalla siis itseni) 🙂
Gaston, Lentopelko ja muut reissupostailijat, kiitos inspiksestä!

Ideana on siis valita 10 kuvaa ja postaa ne otsikoiden alle, joko ilman tai höystettynä kuvaan liittyvällä tarinalla. Kuulostaa simppelille eikö?!
Nope. Mulla on noin ziljoona kuvaa eli valinnan vaikeutta pukkaa sanoisin.
Hyvä kun pystyn ees omaan Instagramiini valita reissuilta parhaimmat kuvat (never).
Joten teen niin kuin jotkut muutkin ja postaan muutaman vaihtoehdon otsikon alle.. 😉


Balan rannalla, periaatteessa myös eka oikee lomapäivä.
Paras maisema, paras seura & yksi parhammista siidereistä!! Mitää muuta voi toivoa?! 😉
Mariboriin eksyttiin vahingossa ja jäätiin jumiin auton/pyhäpäivien takia muutamaksi ”ylimääräiseksi” päiväksi, mutta tuolta on muistoina myös täydellinen hetki, kun koin sen upean ”tässä ja nyt” hetken, ei kiire mihkään ja toi paikka!!
Kuva on Piramidalta. Ne tarjoo erinomaista puna – ja valkoviiniä ja tilanteen kruunaa tietty seura!
PS Mä en ole ollut mikään viini ihminen kun vasta ihan viimeisinä vuosina, joten se että tää on pääsyt huippukuviin ja muistoihin niin on iso juttu!


Kun ne muutkin, niin minäkin-vaikka en sillon tiennyt mistä kyse kun tätä kuvaa otettiin..
Riika, Latvia & Bremenin pelimannit.
Tänne oli välillä pitkä jono, kun ihmiset tuli kuvaamaan sekä kuvauttamaan itsensä patsaan kanssa, että hankaamaan aasin turpaa, jonka sanotaan tuovan onnea!!
Tarinahan itsessään on surullinen,Grimmin satu jossa eläimet (aasi, kissa, koira & kukko) karkaavat koska niitä kohdellaan huonosti ja lähtevät Bremeniin elämään vapaasti & rupeavat siellä musisoimaan…
PS Jos ihmettelet mitä tekemistä noilla kahella kaupungilla on keskenään, niin ovat ystävyyskaupunkeja.

Jengi postaa hirveesti kuvia lentokoneesta. Niin teen minäkin, sillon harvoi  kun lennän..
Tänään seuraillut taas enemmän jengin feedejä niin siellä on vilahdellut useampi ”plane window” pic – joten there u go 🙂
Bonuksena kuvassa toi erikoinen pyörre takana.
Ollaan juuri laskeutumassa Airport Nikola Teslan eli ”kotikaupunki” Belgradin kentälle.


Olihan kiipeily tonne kukkulalle, mutta upeet oli noi maisemat ja linnotus tietty!
Majapaikka on jossain ton lätäkön takana.. Balaton/”Szigligötötötö” Unkari.

Nappasin ilta-auringon Serbiassa.


Tää on hankala -kun en oo aikoihin reissannu suurkaupungeissa, kun ne ei niin inspaa..
Paitsi että unohdin Pietarin! Pietari on ihana!!

Ekalla kerralla oltiin vahingossa HD-päivien aikaan siellä & piti tietty käydä tsekkaamassa tää!

Pietariin tekee mieli kanssa aina palata ja lätkähulluna ollaan tietty oltu kattomassa lätkää siellä.
Ska-Jokerit matsi, broidin 18 vee synttärimatka.


Pitää tankkailla välillä jotta jaksaa.
Tää kyllä sopis siihen täydelliseen hetkeenkin sekä tohon herkku-juttuun myös.. Just saying)
BigBerry:n double-jääkahvi Ukrainassa.

Kyl se tästä 😀
Hotellin aamiaiset on aina vähän hankalaan aikaan – varsinkin jos sattuu olee iltaihminen!
Koitetaan ottaa yleensä hotla omalla jääkaapilla tai sitten asunto, niin saa nukkuu niin pitkään kun huvittaa.. paitsi lähtöpäivinä.
Maribor, Slovenia.


Auringonlaskut menee myös samaan kategoriaan täydellisten hetkien kanssa, eikä vaan voi valita yhtä..
Serbia & Venäjä <3


7.  ”HERKUTTELU”, kuuluu olennaisena osana reissuun
Yes please!
Nämäkin vois postaa täydelliseen hetkeen. ”Reissuruokia” kaipaa aina!
Kotona kun syö vhh, niin reissuissa voi sit höllätä..
Parasta pizzaa Serbiassa (+ ihan täydellistä pastaa tuolla myös).

Sushi menee Latviassa aamupalana, lounaana, välipalana, ennen lätkämatsii palana, yöpalana..



Ekana tulee mieleen Pariisi, se on jotenkin niin ylihehkutettu & blääh.
Yhen päivän/yön stop-over (2008), mutta en kyllä halua uudelleen.
Ihan kiva kyl mut ei uudelleen.
Pariisin kuvat on vanhalla koneella & en niitä nyt jaksanut kaivaa.
Sit tulee mieleen vähän Ostrava (hehkutettiin yhdessä autolehdessä sitä- oltiin et what, onko noi oikeesti ollu samassa mestaa ?)..

Mut minkä näin omin silmin nyt viime viikolla oli toi Allas Sea Pool, Helsingin keskustassa.
Jessus.. Oli kyllä niin kaamee rakennus, ei sovi yhtään sinne.
Kuvaa mulla ei sieltä ole mutta menkää paikan päälle kattoo tai googlatkaa.. Sorry.



Pohorjelta (Slovenia) maisemat oli upeita! Kuva napattu meidän vaunusta.
Lento/korkeenpaikankammonen kun matkustaa niin nää hetket on semmosia ?
Sopii siis kategoriaan täydellisesti.

Vähän savuefektii kuvaan niin on muy bueno 😉
Meijän mesta Serbiassa.


Valinnan vaikeus iskee taas, goosh…

Kuka väitti ettei sporttibobberiin muka mahdu tavaraa mukaan?!
Tosin juurikin kyseisestä syystä on moporeissui tullut tehtyy lähinnä vaan Suomessa,Virossa&Ruotsissa.

Kauhujen reitti itä-Slovakian vuoristossa, tie oli poikki ja piti mennä toista reittii.
Aurinko rupes jo laskee ja jouduttiin ajaa mustalaiskylän ja ton vuoriston läpi..
Koskaan ei oo niin pelottanu kun sillon kun jengii tulee kadulle ja viskoo juttuja et pysähdyttäs..
Aika diipit pudotukset ja tie ilman kaiteita, huh! Mut siitä selvittiin ja reissattu sen jälkeenkin (tosin ei tuolla Tatroilla..)

That ´s it! Haaste suoritettu.
Ja taitaa olla niin että on myös eka kerta kun tein semmosen eli cheers sille! ?
Ja jos sulla on joku vastaava kiva haaste niin saat luvan vinkata tai jopa koittaa haastaa mua 😉
Mä en nyt haasta suoraan ketään mutta sallin jokaisen haastaa itsensä 😀


Jos haluat kopioida tän 10-kuvan haasteen itsellesi tai haastaa jonkun niin anna palaa.
Tässä noi kohteet.

1. Kuva täydellisestä hetkestä
2. Perinteinen turistikuva
3. Kuva mahdollisimman kaukaa
4. Suurkaupungin sykettä
5. Zzz – matkustaminen väsyttää
6. Auringonlasku
7. Herkuttelu olennaisena osana reissuja
8. Hehkutettu nähtävyys, joka olikin pettymys
9. ”Teen mitä vain hyvän otoksen eteen” -kuva
10. Kuva roadtripiltä

Ai niin, meinas unohtua: alkuperänen otos löytyy Journey diary-blogista!
Sinne voi linkkailla myös oman haasteensa, niin löytyy kaikki yhestä nipusta 🙂

Kuten sanoin niin kuva-valinta oli hankalaa..
Ja koska en viittiny kolmee änkee noihin, niin tässä osio kuvista, jotka ei ole tuossa ylhäällä mukana mutta ansaitsee paikkansa postauksessa anyway 😉


Unkarista tuli äkkiä suosikki-kohde ja kuva onkin ekalta illalta, viime reissulta.
Istuessa auringon laskiessa taustalla Balatonin rannalla Janin kanssa, jääkylmä juoma (parasta siideriä) kädessä & loma edessä = perfecto!
Ekan oikean lomapäivän kunniaksi on tullut tavaksi vetästä myös sikari = ihan täydellinen hetki!
En malta odottaa ensi kuuhun, jotta pääsee taas reissuun & Balatonin rannalle <3


Ja samalla kyl se täydellinen hetkikin..


Leipomotuotteet on must juttu (pakko maistaa ainakin yksi pala)..
Käy kyllä myös täydellisiin hetkiinkin – surprise!!


Teen ittestäni pellen eikun… linnanneito Kroatissa ?


Sopii myös täydelliseen hetkeen, laivassa, lomalle lähdössä 🙂



Winter Holiday planning- home away from home here I come..


…well not exactly- need to wait three more months!! Oh gosh!!
I can’t remember last time I´ve made plans this early..
But now it is kinda a must, cos my school.
Few more courses to take and then I have my internships to do and that´s it.. yaiks!!
I meant to go first to a hotel and then to one very interesting Travel Agency and my bf asked his holiday to match my break with these internships.
But things don’t always go the way you plan those, so one change of plan please 😉 – I will get back to that lil later.

So started to ”plan” this holiday already and of course that starts with: where to go?!
Both wanted to go for years to Minsk, Belarus and some friends visited there last summer and they had nothing but good to tell (except it is a large city and traffic is wild), they had some local friends too!!
Anyway, been reading stories from others too and Minsk sounds my kinda city!
BUT we are not going to Minsk. Not this time, maybe on summer (finally)!
I hope they will get that ”Visa-free” program soon!!
It´s been few years I first heard about that but still waiting!! 😉
I heard they have also had similar negotiation with Russia, but then Finland got stupid with these sanctions and that´s it! 🙁
But been thinking to get one year Visa to Russia, I have only seen St. Petersburg and there are a lot more to see and of course many hockey games 😉
And my great-grandmother (hope I got that right) came from old Karelia.
I have heard some of our family members still lives there so I am curious to find out more and visit them. Also our dog comes from Russia, so would like to visit those shelters.
They did a bus trip last weekend there but couldn’t go then.

ANYWAY, back to our winter holiday 😉
Thought that easiest would be just go to a Visa-free country, esp. now that I don’t have that much money to spend..
Last year we drove to Latvia – I just love Latvia! I call Latvia a home away from home Baltic and my home away from home Balkans is Serbia.. So you might guess now our destination?! 😉
Yes, we are going to Serbia <3


Got some hints here and there about Serbia before this, u know those funny pop ups, a story, pic, news, ad or so!
Few days back we were just lying on a sofa and I just started to do something with my phone and ended up to look pages and took a look at Belgrade, "our" apartment was free and fair priced! Told my bf about that and he got excited as well- I was lil surprised since we both hate flying, have a huge fear of flying :/
BUT we booked the apartment from Basco Agency via
There would have been other places to stay at but booked from Basco 3 times before and like them!
They have great service, even now they contacted and told how nice it is to have us back and if there is anything tehy could already do for us!
Also, they have been flexible with check in rules and with payment. It is hard to get enough dinars here (and it cost a lot in Germany, once did that 🙁 )
They also helped us, even though we didnt plan to visit Belgrade but Lake Subotica (unfortunately didnt get to go there either since the refugees..)
They also offer airport pick up, a big help too!!

Love traveling but absolutely hate flying, I am frightened already.. Not kidding!!
Going to Serbia on winter means flying.. am ready to do that every now and then.
Now some of you things that I am not really ”aerophobic” etc.
But am already ”shitting my pants” (come & see LOL).

Despite that.. booked also flights (glad I did since the price is already 120€ higher) – so that means we are really going back to Serbia!! 🙂
First visit there was summer 2014.
At the beginning of that summer I thought it is going to be worst summer ever since money situation but with some luck and my sweet bf we had amazing holiday (first Russia then Serbia → BIH → Serbia)!! Am sure I havent told much more about that holiday since I ”started this blog” after that but it took a year to write anything.. Sorry if wasting ur time 😉

Serbia, said to be a hidden gem!! Not too many tourists!
Well,last time visited there on Feb. 2015, so it could have changed..
Belgrade is old, little bit (how to say) shabby but very charming so dont get me wrong with that! <3
There is a lot to see and do! People are more than nice, I went to shop some make up and they asked where I was from, how did I like it there, how did we end up there etc.
People are nice and helpful but still be careful!
As everywhere else, in Belgrade you can find some shady people! Our cab driver tried to get more money driving around and telling he didnt know where to go, but he got just what we agreed and he was pissed off.. That was just one time, other cabdrivers been pro´s!



At restaurant you also get great service!! And food we got was cheap and so good!!
Just can not wait to go back; 5 meat kebab & pizza!
We have two fave places there, I hope they are still there and are as good as used to 😉

Pizza Botako is just next to our apartment, we found it by chance on our first trip.
We live at Knez Miletina, few steps away from Skadarlija, almost all the buildings are apartment buildings, as walking to Skadarlija we heard some live music and went to see where that came
from and found that Picerija! They have lovely garden and music there during summer!
And their pizzas.. when am thinking about one good piece of pizza Botako & Lava Kövi Pizza (Siofok) are my top 1 😀
So if you are looking for a good pizza in Serbia- go to Botako:
And that 5 meat kebab (Old Kebab) I mentioned, we first thought that is expensive place and too fancy etc and almost missed! But went to try it and were surprised, so good food and cheap! 2 meals, started salad & two drinks less than 20€!
So this restaurant came quickly our fave place as well 😉
Must to visit if you are in town:
Their menu is also in english! Just getting hungry looking at that menu 😉



I cant explain how Serbia became my fave country, I just love it and been missing back ever since our last vacation!
As been to Latvia many, many times and still love going back, same with Hungary and Serbia.
After these trips I have started to understand more people who said they have been 20 times to Thailand or Spain etc. There is just that something..
I´ve also got some funny looks telling we are going to Serbia on our winter holiday: like why u wanna go there, there is no sun, it is cold etc.
What a weird place to go! Well watcha gonna do 😛
Go and see 😉
BTW, some still thinks it is a war zone and it is not safe there cos that etc. Oh boy!

I just googled Serbia and this came up

We had to make presentation about one country, (no need to) guess which I chose?! Da, Srbija!
I got good feedback & others who havent been there said it was interesting!
Here is a clip I also showed them:

Have stayed in Belgrade but also travelled to Sarajevo (and back) by Gea-tours door to door minibus. That was really something!
Breathtaking views, crazy mountain roads, traffic.. but something I would do again (on summer)!
So I got to see more Serbia as well.
This is why I like roadtrips more than just a simple flight – you get to see so much more, get the real taste of that country (and no need to fly!).



Last winter holiday there we had so much to do and see in Belgrade (Museum of Yugoslav History, Aviation & Tesla museums, Underground tour, going around, eating, drinking, shopping..) so we didnt go elsewhere.
This time would like to visit Novi Sad. It seems interesting & Petrovaradin fortress is there (I like stuff like those). Also our airport pick up Milos told us to go there, actually few times, so maybe we should finally go 🙂
Some of you might know Novi Sad / Petrovaradin for EXIT festival (one of the biggest in Europe). Dont know about that but I can tell Belgrade BeerFest is something I have experienced, woww!!
Love it!! Maybe not my type of music in first place but I really liked it, happy people, no fights, no wasted ppl, extremely cheap beer, no queuing, well organized +10 (even the music 😉 )
Next August again, maybe we get to visit there once more 😉


SO in a nutshell ? that is where I am going then..
I know it is just October but maybe some of you have plans already?!
Or if dont, where do you wish to travel?!

Do have more stories to tell but I need to go and get ready to my interview tomorrow..
Wish me luck 🙂


Funny music stuff :)

nro 1

Am sure am not the only one…
Didn’t know what to listen, too many on my head, part wanted some heavy-ones and part wanted some ”power-music”, so google & U-tube, let´s see.. Devil Driver, rap shit, Pop-mix.. Have got some great songs, esp. from 90´s so U-tube let´s play 😀

First song Youtube had for me: Era -Always, brings me right back to Mostar (BIH), where I had my first right here, right now-moment, just enjoying & had stress no longer (had another ”24/7” work roulette-done), sitting there with my bf, next to Stari Most (Old Bridge),with cool drink & this music.
Those who jumps from the bridge (for money) were practicing on the other side& sometimes some others did the jumps.
Cos this right now-moment (best feeling!) this song has become my ”throw back” song.


Second U-tube offered: Hall of Fame- Script- just trying to apply this school am now studying at & needed some ”support-music” so this song takes me back there as Ani Lorak to my first actual school day, of course curious who else gonna be there 😉

Salt´n Pepa- Push right back to Belgrade.
Elastic Heart by Sia is also my throw back Belgrade song, it was snowing and we had great instant coffee and chocolate croissants from the bakery & amp; oh gosh I really miss back there (not only for their food ?)

Funny memories part 234 one fin guy sings ”if i was you i´d wanna be with me too” oslt.
Lady Gaga´s Pokerface & Paparazzi the songs I remember when I came to Janis place first time (and still here I am) 😀
Also Wuthering Heights / Kate Bush- top memories here ?

Led Zeppelin saved us from speeding ticket (at least once), huh!
Had to slow down to get new cd on – luckily! since there was somebody watching.. ?
But need to mention now that it wasn’t ”really speeding” but everytime u see a cop it´s the same feeling, right 😀

I know many ppl who don’t want to listen foreign music- if they don’t understand what the lyrics means, then it´s a no for them!
I don’t care, for example Ani Lorak (Ukrainian), has songs in english but I like a lot her russian songs- even though I don’t understand much (anything).
For me it is the feeling that I get from the song!! Even though lyrics don’t match every time, the song can be still be as* kicking- u know what am saying!

At work I need to have something, radio at least on, same working at home, if I need to do something, I need to have a telly quiet at the background, if it is quiet I can not concentrate, seriously!
Talk I is disturbing so radio with lot of bs isn’t good choice 😀

Now we listen a lot more music while driving (I mean Jani by this since I got no license, yet)
Last trip we had Zeppelin, Metallica, Seven Against.
2015 roadtrip- we only listened few songs from one album (during 3 weeks) since that car had amazing sound!!
Now we have diesel and it´s not that inspiring to listen.. u know :/
Do u have funny song memories?! Any specific car music or is it just all goes, even radio?? ?

Here is one my face driving & exercise music, great energy & the lyrics! 😉

A quick list

I try to post about the places I have been to asap but no promises 😀
Just a quick list for those who are planing to visit the same places & might need some help – feel free to ask, por favore, I´ll do my best to answer 😉

So the quick list by car many times & almost all around

– Latvia
– Lithuania
– Poland
– Slovakia
– Czech Rep. (only a day, drive through so that´s not that well known)
– Hungary

By plane – but also took a local bus and door to door there…
– Serbia
– Bosnia-Herzegovina (BIH)

By ferry to St.Petersburg, Russia
also those well known Stockholm, Sweden & Tallinn, Estonia trips LOL

Other trips than day cruises
– Germany
– Greece
– Turkey
–  France
– The States
– Sweden

Of course I might have some tips travelling in Finlandia… 😉
And not to forget KHL games!! Esp. Riga!!